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Over the next few weeks I hope to catch up with all teams across our three campuses to talk through Future ED and next steps. This week I met with the VCE team on Tuesday and will spend some time with the City professional staff later today. The Bundoora professional staff and I have a time in our diaries in early September. I hope to get a time for a conversation at Brunswick and also one with VE staff on the City in the next couple of weeks. We are just coordinating calendars.

Next Thursday August 24 all Bundoora staff (professional and HE) are invited to a session at 12:45-1:30 in 220.2.20.

The Bundoora session coincides with a week of Program Design for our ITE programs. The four program teams who are working towards accreditation – B.Ed, Health & PE, MTP (Primary) and MTP (Secondary) – have carved out a week for intensive work on their programs, from confirming the program vision and Program Learning Objectives, design of critical assessment tasks and development of assessment rubrics, through to writing the Part A course guides. It will be a big week and we hope to complete a good chunk of the work required for accreditation, which will position us well for University and external deadlines.

If you are aware of any of our sessional staff who have not yet received the Future ED report please do pass it on  FutureED Report to PVC July 2017

As always, any burning, smouldering or even non-flammable questions, comments, thoughts, please let me know. I’m looking forward to working on the next stages of the school’s development with you all.

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