CASPer raters needed

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As you may be aware our ITE programs will be incorporating a non-academic test known as CASPer for selection in 2018. CASPer is an online, video-scenario based situational judgement test. CASPer is designed to measure personal/professional characteristics like ethics, empathy, communication, resilience, judgement, teamwork, and more.

The CASPer test has 12 sections. Each section contains either a video or written scenario, followed by a series of three open-ended questions. The applicant has five minutes to answer the set of three questions.

Altus Assessments, who run CASPer, are currently recruiting raters in Victoria.

Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 5.12.32 am.png

Please pass this information on to alumni and colleagues you think might be suitable for the work. For more information see the CASPer Rating FAQ

To inquire about the opportunity to become a CASPer rater, please e-mail for more information.



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