Canvas update for teaching staff

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Please find below important updates on Canvas from the RMIT Canvas Team. Please do pass this on to staff in your teaching teams who do not subscribe to the blog.

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Updates to Canvas:

Release of Canvas Shells

  • Staff no longer need to wait for the release of standard Canvas shells, as new shells will now be released automatically, 24 hours after courses have been scheduled in SAMS.
  • Important Note: VE shells being set up as a “Program Structure” will not be automatically released as they will need an extra step done in SAMS before they can be created in Canvas. Find out more here.
  • All HE shells are now available in Canvas. You may have noticed some of these new shells on your Canvas dashboard.
  • If you cannot see something on your dashboard which you expected to be there, you can contact anyone in your school with Administrator rights in Canvas and ask them to add you in as a teacher. At present I (Andrea) am the only administrator in the school. We are attending to this!
  • If you would like to tidy up your dashboard, and hide these shells until later, you can follow the quick guide here to easily clean up your dashboard.

Publish/unpublish button

  • Staff will no longer see the overall course ‘publish’ button on the top right of their screens as courses will be published centrally to students, once they have passed the QA process.
  • Staff will continue to have the ability to publish and un-publish content such as modules, assignments, pages and discussions

The complete Canvas process
Click here to visit the Canvas website and review the complete end-to-end process, and step-by-step instructions for getting your Canvas course ready at RMIT.


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