Building a school (within a school) – an update

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As many staff know, a key recommendation arising from the Future ED: A Blueprint for Change, our report to the PVC in July 2017, was that RMIT establishes a “City School in the next five years.”

The PVC, Paul Gough, agreed to the commencement of a small scoping study to test the
viability of the recommendation. The scoping study was completed over 2017 and was
presented in early 2018. It indicated a number of challenges ( within RMIT) and forward steps to be taken, including the preparation of a full feasibility study, highlighting economic viability, demographics, educational models, trends in school participation, location studies etc. In essence the scoping study “tested the waters” for total
university support for the new school.

Upon receipt of the scoping study, the RMIT Policy and Impact team (led by the Vice-
Chancellor’s advisor Tom Bentley), are subsequently funding the feasibility study and are co-ordinating and spearheading our discussions with Government and external parties.
The final feasibility report is due for presentation to the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive in May, with recommendations arising. The Feasibility Report will also inform discussions with the State Government around potential funding models and partnership opportunities.

This is an exciting and challenging time for the SoE as we work towards the University and the community embracing the concept of an innovative, vertically-aligned
urban school of design, technology and enterprise. The opportunities for RMIT and the SoE are limitless in terms of research, educational innovation and leadership. Such an opportunity affords RMIT further expansion and strengthening of our university
mission. It aligns with our priorities:

Direction 1:  Life-changing experiences:  Connected pathways

  • Priority 1 – A distinctive form of connected education
  • Priority 2 – Supporting access, progression and pathways

Direction 3:  Shaping the world

  • Priority 1 – Meeting global demand with strategic partnerships
  • Priority 2 – Connected with industry and community throughout the student

Tricia McLaughlin and I are leading this work for SoE. Tricia is nothing if not a big and strategic thinker and perfectly positioned to help lead this initiative. Stay tuned for further updates as we embrace the challenge of helping to shape a new urban and industrial renaissance and build upon what RMIT has achieved to extend the possibilities of digital, economic and social transformation.

Pending positive decisions, we hope you will all be involved in planning and visioning the school’s pedagogy and approach. This is an opportunity for RMIT and the SoE to shape the future in a way that no other university can.

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