Belonging Tips #11

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the SoE Reconciliation Week activities. It was great to see students, teachers, academics and professional staff come together to passionately and thoughtfully discuss the powerful documentary In My Blood It Runs and the issues it raises about injustice and education in Australia today. When Dujuan Hoosan, the star of the documentary addressed the UN Human Rights Council last year about his own experiences with the youth justice system and to build support for Aboriginal-led education models, he said:

Adults never listen to kids like me. But we have important things to say…
My film is for all Aboriginal kids. It is about our dreams, our hopes
and our rights. I hope you can make things better for us”.

If you would like to take action, the In My Blood It Runs website enables you to advocate to raise the age of criminal responsibility,  support a school on Dujuan’s homeland, buy a tote bag, host a virtual cinema screening, and donate to partner organisations.

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