Belonging & Early Warning Signs

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Please see below an update on these two University initiatives that are part of the 2019 Areas of Focus.

The Belonging Team, led by Bronwyn Clarke, is continuing to make great progress. SoEd Belonging Champions are Kathy Littlewood and Elena Camera. They work closely with our Reconciliation Facilitator, Al Fricker.

Some resources you might find useful:

Using predictive analytics, the Early Warning Signs (EWS) model pulls timely, in-depth data from over 70 sources, allowing program teams to identify students who may be at risk. This internal article Early Warning Signs Model – supporting our students to succeed with a short video provides more information. Still keen to know more? Try this slide pack here.

In semester 2, the following SoEd programs are participating in EWS:

  • GD108: Grad Dip Education (Early Childhood)
  • GC044: Grad Cert in Careers Ed & Dev

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