Background & Theory documents for CASPer

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Altus Assessments is seeking individuals with research experience and access to academic journals to write Background & Theory documents for 35 CASPer videos that were developed and produced in Australia. CASPer is the non-academic tool that will be used across most Victorian universities to select applicants for ITE programs in 2018.

CASPer scenarios measure personal/professional characteristics like ethics, empathy, communication and more. A Background & Theory document is written for each CASPer scenario to ensure raters have the proper information to rate applicant responses.

The documents are written in a research format with embedded citations. The documents are 1-2 pages in length and compensation per document is $100. Specific information on content criteria, formatting and guiding examples will be provided.

This may be an opportunity of interest to PhD students as well as some of our sessional staff. Please do pass the information on. Queries should be directed to Michelle Messner at Altus

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