b.220 redevelopment project

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Thanks to all who attended the meeting to kick off our work on the redevelopment of b.220 on Monday. We shared a range of details that we already know about the project:

  • This is an opportunity to create a more effective working and learning environment for the SoEd at Bundoora.
  • The redevelopment project will involve the redesign of staff spaces, including offices, collaborative working spaces and a staff room.
  • Our teaching spaces are under-utilised. The project will provide an opportunity to redesign our L&T spaces to support contemporary and leading pedagogies and provide student breakout spaces.
  • It will offer a chance to integrate our research needs and our HDR students.
  • PoPLab and other innovative teaching/research requirements will be part of the redevelopment.
  • We will be consolidating our footprint onto three floors – levels 1-3; level 4 has been marked for ‘other uses’.
  • The project is scheduled to be delivered by the end of the year.

We spoke about ways we might connect this work to country, involve our students in the process and think about the relationships between b.220 and b.108.

We agreed to:

  1. Set up working groups for professional staff, academic staff, L&T spaces and IT to begin discussing relevant issues. It would help to have leads appointed for these groups.
  2. Senior Leadership Group will develop a draft set of principles to be tested with the working groups.
  3. Set up a Team site for collection and sharing of information, including relevant research. We will email all staff when this is ready.
  4. Establish a weekly update session/drop in. We will get this into your calendars this week.

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