AWAMs close to completion

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Many thanks to our Associate Deans, PMs, line managers and all academic staff for the concentrated effort over the last few weeks to confirm AWAMs. We now have a good sense of the teaching, research and engagement allocations for 2020.

We have worked hard to allocate teaching based on your preferences. We are aiming to have all staff at 100%. Some staff are still a little under or over and we will work in January to make these corrections, including adding in new HDR students enrolling in 2020.

You can view you own AWAM on the Google Drive. If something doesn’t look right in your AWAM, please talk to your relevant Associate Dean. Please don’t make any changes to your own AWAM without consulting with your Associate Dean as these may have implications for other staff and budget.

You can also see the allocations for all staff in SoEd here. We hope this transparency will allow you to see how staff time (our biggest investment) is allocated across the school.

2 Comments on “AWAMs close to completion”

  1. Thank you Andrea. I particularly like the last sentence. I have been in tertiary ed. for … well, a long time, and I have often said, “Wouldn’t it be great if we could see what everyone else is allocated and what they are doing”. I have NEVER seen this happen. Then, out of the blue (not really, but that’s how it may seem) comes the ‘click here’ and voila, there it is. Thank you, well done and I can even say, it makes me proud to be a part of the School of Education.

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