Australian Education Union response to Gonski 2.0 review

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The Australian Education Union has released a 32-page submission to the Gonski 2.0. Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools. Based on survey data from 4000 principals and teachers, the AEU calls for greater investment in leadership and teaching in schools by the Turnbull Government. The submission emphasises the need for “the development and maintenance of high quality initial teacher education (ITE) that can work to bolster the capabilities and status of the teaching profession” (p.24)

Amongst the 22 recommendations the following may be of particular interest:

Initial Teacher Education

Recommendation 14: That minimum entry requirements should be adopted for selection into Initial Teacher Education (ITE) to recruit the top 30% of students into the profession, with equivalent measures for those seeking entrance to ITE from points/pathways other than completion of schooling. (p.25)

Recommendation 17: That the Education Council should develop a strategy and timeline to transition initial teacher education courses to two-year post graduate qualifications. Further, in order to protect the quality of school education, Commonwealth, state and territory governments should not fund or accredit ‘fast-tracked’ initial teacher education programs such as Teach for Australia or similar. (p.26)

Recommendation 18: That the ITE practicum component should be strengthened with a focus on regional, rural and remote placements and on working with students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, have a disability or identified learning need and those who exhibit behavioural needs. (p.26)


The full submission is available here AEU Gonski Submission 2017

ABC News also has a report on the submission. Thanks to Tricia for sending this through.

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