Australian Council of Deans of Education meeting

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Last week Amanda, Em, Kathy and I spent a couple of days in Sydney with our counterparts from Schools of Ed across Australia. Always good to put our own experiences into a broader perspective and to discuss the issues that are playing out across the sector.

In the coming weeks we will consolidate the learning that emerged from the event and feedback to the school. In the meantime here’s a snap of Tanya Plibersek who couldn’t wait to be seen with the movers and shakers from RMIT!

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 11.40.56 am.png


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  1. Again I am gutted I missed Tanya Plibersek – she is awesome. That’s twice this year I’ve missed her – she was due to present at the NTEU women’s conference but was sick 🙁

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