ATEA newsletter March 2018

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For those who are not members of the Australian Teacher Education Association, here is the latest newsletter.

ATEA Issue 2_March_2018

In particular I draw your attention to the following opportunity:

Preparing Teachers to Teach ‘Diverse Learners’

This ARC funded project titled: Educating preservice teachers to teach diverse learners: A focus on teacher educators’ epistemic reflexivities, is exploring ways teacher educators’ understand the challenges associated with ensuring future teachers are able to work effectively with ‘diverse learners’. As part of this project we are seeking the input of up to 40 teacher educators across Australia. Participants will be involved in a data collection method referred to as a ‘social lab’. The social lab will take place on Tuesday 3rd July prior to the ATEA annual conference. It is open to anyone who works in teacher education.

This lab involves participants in discussions that explore:

  • what is (variously) meant by the concept of ‘student diversity’ and what effective pedagogy for teaching to/about diversity in teacher education requires;
  • the pedagogies (and underpinning knowledges) identified in your workplace in regards to teaching about/for diversity;
  • situations or contexts in which it would be appropriate to incorporate the concept of ‘reflexivity’ in approaches to teaching in preservice units;
  • the potential benefits of using the concept of epistemic reflexivity (as introduced across the social lab) as a means of reflecting upon teaching to/about diversity

If you are interested in taking part please email project coordinator Lyra L’estrange and she will send you full project information and project consent forms.

Project team: Professor Jo Lunn, Associate Professor Leonie Rowan, Professor Mary Ryan, Professor Sue Walker, Dr Terri Bourke and Professor Eva Johansson.

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