Associate Dean, Education

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I am excited to announce the appointment of our new Associate Dean, Education – A/Prof Kathryn Glasswell.

Kath needs little introduction, having joined us earlier this year from California State University, Fullerton to lead our literacy program. Kath has a strong track record, including an ARC, of leading literacy improvement in disadvantaged communities. In fact, as I write, Kath is in Canada continuing her work with the First Nation School Acwsalcta (Nuxalk people) in Bella Coola, BC, where she is providing literacy professional learning and in-class coaching to teachers.

Kath will take over the role at the start of 2020. In the meantime my thanks to Thembi for the outstanding job she has done as our Associate Dean, Education. Thembi has led the discipline with characteristic innovation, passion and commitment, overseeing successful accreditation of all its programs and the establishment of the discipline road map.

I look forward to opportunities over the next few months to thank Thembi and welcome Kath to her new role.

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