Assisting Students in Distress

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Just before the start of teaching staff from the Urban School participated in the Assisting Students in Distress course. This course looks at mental health from distress to flourishing and provides context about the reality of mental health challenges for both staff and students in higher education.

At the session they discussed boundaries, how to spot challenging situations and also how to develop empathic responses that not only support students, but also build agency for them to cope with the ups and downs of life.

The final component of this training was on practising the skills of difficult conversations through expressing concern, listening and validating, exploring options and encouraging support seeking. Whilst the focus of this session was on supporting students they also found time to check in on how to look after our own mental health and make sure that we are considering our own self-care in our demanding jobs.

If your team would like to access this training, please let me know.

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