Assessment design won’t stop cheating, but our relationships with students might

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This Conversation piece from Uni SA academic integrity expert Tracey Bretag and her colleague Rowena Harper is a good reminder as we make final changes to course guides and assessment design for sem 2.

For many years I have argued that good assessment design reduces cheating, however, Bretag and Harper argue that “contract cheating cannot be designed out of a course” and they argue

the focus should be on designing assessment that makes the best of learning, rather than reduces the risk of contract cheating

They note three key aspects of the teaching and learning environment that reduce the temptation to cheat:

  1. Helping students understand assignment requirements (short videos explaining assessments have been popular amongst our students)
  2. Sufficient assessment feedback
  3. Assistance when needed

Our Focus on Feedback project is an important initiative in addressing the issues discussed in this article.

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