Are you meetinged out?

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My email of a couple of weeks ago about the intensity of working online triggered a considerable (and welcome) response. Many of you replied that the move to working from home had been intense and you wondered how you would sustain it.

The RMIT Staff Wellbeing team has produced some advice for how we might manage the rhythm of our working day:

  • Consider scheduling internal meetings for 45 or 25 minutes to give participants time to refresh, stretch and reset before their next meeting.
  • Try not to schedule meetings between 12pm and 1pm to allow everyone to have a break for lunch.
  • Block out your calendar if you are having a break from meetings.
  • Try not to schedule internal meetings before 9am or after 5pm.
  • Be considerate and check others calendars before booking meetings.
  • We know that our student facing staff are providing structured learning, teaching and support to our students, and there may be less flexibility in their schedule, however we can still control when we set internal meetings and help everyone to take a break. The timetable team is working to try to schedule breaks for our academics, teachers and students to avoid continuous back to back teaching.

For more tips see How to manage the virtual meeting world.

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