Architecture Students think about Schools

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Last semester, the Master of Architecture students undertook an experimental design studio with the RMIT Urban School as the studio theme. The students undertook research into design features and examined five potential sites around inner city Melbourne.

The Design Studios aim to develop, apply and test architectural design skills. This entails developing an understanding of a range of technical, theoretical, historical and professional issues, the ability to integrate this understanding into the design proposals and the communication techniques necessary to demonstrate these. Each studio develops a program of study to suit their studio theme.

In semester 1, about 18 potential architects turned their focus to schools and school design. Under the theme of ‘Learning Frontiers: RMIT Urban High,’ the students developed a focus on ideas-led venturous design exploration and developed their ideas into a sophisticated understanding of architecture as it related to an urban school context.

The outcomes of their work provided exciting and colourful designs of forward- thinking possibilities and was a window to the potential of what could be an urban school.

Having diverse programmes across the university develop ideas and links to a potential urban high school also allows creative thinking about multi-disciplinary work and strengthens the case for developing our RMIT Urban school.

We have invited the Architecture students to share their designs with the SoEd  over the coming months.


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  1. This sounds interesting! Do the architecture students have a brief that includes sustainable design principles including: building orientation, sustainable building materials, low carbon emission technologies, seamless indoor-outdoor spaces, indigenous plant landscaping etc? It would be great if the urban school could model state-of-the-art planning for sustainable buildings and grounds.

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