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In wonderful news just released two SoEd staff have been successful in the most recent ARC Discovery round. Warmest congratulations to Anne and Linda.

The success rate this year was 23%. It is an understatement to say these are not easy grants to win! This was especially the case this year in Education: more than 100 projects were funded in the Biological Sciences while only 2 were funded in Education and a few more in Creative Arts.

Details of Linda and Anne’s projects are below.

Framing and Enabling Children’s Active Play using Novel Technology – $630,000

Prof Alethea Blackler, Prof Peta Wyeth, Prof Stewart Trost, Dr Bernd Ploderer (QUT), A/Prof Linda Knight (RMIT)

This project aims to address inactivity in the 3-5 age group through understanding and exploring innovative interactive active play experiences for children, with a view to increasing their physical activity over the long term. This project will be based on empirical research with real children undertaking real interactive experiences in real contexts, in order to understand issues around sustained engagement with these types of systems. We will design and develop solutions that may address the issues and test those interventions in a longitudinal manner. The outcome will be a framework which can be applied in a variety of situations and modalities by designers and developers of such systems, and feed into childhood technology guidelines.

Staging Australian Women’s Lives: Theatre, Feminism & Socially Engaged Art – $249,678

Prof Stacy Holman Jones, A/Prof Anne Harris, A/Prof Alyson Campbell, Dr Misha Myers, Dr Peta Murray

This project aims to address increasing discrimination and violence against Australian women by researching how theatre can be used as a socially-engaged laboratory for understanding and improving their lives. The project seeks to generate new knowledge about how women theatre makers craft creative and effective responses to gender-based inequality and oppression. Expected outcomes include a comprehensive feminist analysis and innovative written, digital and performance-based documentation of women’s contributions to Australian theatre history and their efforts to address social inequities. It seeks to benefit Australian society by exploring how theatre gives women useful tools for countering inequality and oppression in their own lives.

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  1. Hi Anne and colleagues,

    I am a theatre director/ dramaturg and designer active in the Melbourne theatre scene,1985 to around mid 2000s, both in the independent and mainstream circle. I was concurrently, and still am, employed at RMIT as a teacher. Some of my work (Morning Sacrifice, Request Concert and others) directly engaged with the issues you are exploring. If you would like to contact me – I’m at
    wendy.joseph@ or 0413 003 814


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