Anti-corruption and Fraud Prevention Policy

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RMIT has developed a new Anti-corruption and Fraud Prevention Policy. This new policy strengthens the University’s integrity policies and promotes a culture consistent with our Code of Conduct and values.

Some key points to be aware of:

  • The policy applies to anyone who works for or with the RMIT Group.
  • All staff need to understand RMIT’s position of ‘no tolerance’ for corrupt and fraudulent conduct, to protect both staff and RMIT.
  • The Policy clarifies the meaning of corruption and fraud to guide expectations of behaviour and to assist in identifying suspected or alleged corrupt conduct – including protected disclosure. 
  • A key improvement in our Anti-corruption and Fraud Prevention Policy is establishing the Whistleblower Protection Coordinator. This will pave the way for a new whistleblower procedure so RMIT can receive and handle complaints anonymously.

The policy is effective 1 July 2019 .

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