And with a new PM…

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comes a new Education Minister. The Honourable Dan Tehan will take over as the Federal Minister for Education. Minister Tehan is the member for Wannon in the Western District of Victoria. Most recently he was the Minister for Social Services and before that Defence and Veterans’ Affairs.

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A press release from the Australian Council of Deans of Education today noted:

‘In previous portfolios Minister Tehan has proven his ability to work very effectively at the grassroots level. This gives ACDE confidence that Minister Tehan will value the vital role of individual teachers, and a high-quality teaching profession, to Australia.’ ACDE President, Professor Tania Aspland says.

‘His roles on several parliamentary committees have no doubt given him insights into dynamic areas that will impact the future of work.

‘We also appreciate how Minister Tehan’s deep knowledge of regional and rural Australia will underpin the ways in which he addresses the challenges specific to education outside Australia’s capital cities,” Professor Aspland says.

Simon Birmingham will move to trade.

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  1. My barometer for pollies is how they voted on same sex marriage. Tehan voted ‘yes’ in line with the outcome of the postal survey but is in favour of exemptions for religious groups. he said the following: “As parliamentarians, it is now our responsibility to enact legislation that legalises marriage for same-sex couples but also acknowledges the concerns of the nearly five million people who voted no.”

    He is a small ‘c’ conservative which sets off alarm bells for me as such types tend to wreak havoc upon education.

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