ACDE releases report on professional experience in teacher education

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In 2015 the Commonwealth Government released the report, Action Now: Classroom Ready Teachers, developed by the Teacher Education Ministerial Advisory Group (TEMAG). The report made 38 recommendations designed to improve initial teacher education in Australia and better prepare teachers for the profession. The professional experience (or WIL) component of teacher preparation featured prominently in these recommendations. In 2017 the Network of Associate Deans of Professional Experience (NADPE) conducted research related to changes in progress in response to the TEMAG report. NADPE have recently released their findings in the Professional experience in initial teacher education: A review of current practices in Australian ITE report. This document provides an account of five studies, which focus on current developments in ITE and their impact on the delivery and quality of professional experience. It also highlights issues that need to be addressed to support further improvements. The studies have considered the following five areas:

  • Mapping Professional Experience Placements in Key ITE Programs.
  • Identifying Models of Best Practice for Partnerships Around Professional Experience.
  • Pre-Service Teachers’ Portfolios of Evidence: A National Snapshot of the Collection and Assessment of Practice within Australian ITE.
  • Professional Experience in Australian ITE Courses: Policy, Funding Arrangements and their Impact on University-School Partnerships and Practices.
  • Indigenous Contexts, ITE and Implications for Professional Experience.

If anyone is interested in obtaining further information regarding the report it can be downloaded at:

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