ACDE Australian Technology Teacher Educators Network

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The recent K-10 Australian Technologies Curriculum constitutes a substantial pedagogical shift for teachers, and accordingly a shift for many teacher educators. The Technologies Curriculum requires that primary school teachers teach technology as a discipline area, for instance where students learn the computational thinking skills that underpin computer programming. Previously their responsibility with respect to technology was essentially to teach general ICT capabilities, for instance where they might use a spreadsheet in Science or a blog in English. Helping pre-service teachers who may never have learnt computer programming to effectively teach the new Technologies Curriculum can be challenging, and thus it is logical that Teacher Educators in universities across Australia work together in this pursuit.

Accordingly, an Australian Technologies Teacher Educator Network is being proposed. Advantages would be:

  • Technology Teacher Educators in universities around Australia could more easily share resources and best practice relating to the development of pre-service teacher pedagogical capabilities in the Technologies area.
  • Technology Teacher Educators could adopt a more coordinated approach to research in the Technologies area at both the school education and teacher education level, potentially through collaborative/national funded research projects.
  • Technology Teacher Educators would be able to more effectively circulate information and champion Technologies causes throughout universities (e.g. partnerships with industry, increasing the number of pre-service teachers specialising in Technologies).

Thembi and Nicky will represent the SoEd at the establishment of this network. If you would like to be involved/connect in please let them know.

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