Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness Training (Half Day – City)

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RMIT is offering half-day professional learning on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Awareness, facilitated at RMIT City Campus by a presenter from the Koorie Heritage Trust.The aim of this half day training is to embed cultural respect and understanding into policy, service delivery and people management to improve outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people wanting to access higher education and employment opportunities. The delivery of this training also demonstrates our commitment to making RMIT an institution of choice for our First Nations people, as well as addressing Actions of the RMIT Reconciliation Action Plan and Indigenous Employment Plan.

Craig Proctor who runs the China program in our Urban School recently attended.

Even though it might not seem overly relevant to our daily work, it was very worthwhile and stimulating.  It was also a very useful adjunct to the RMIT microcredential ‘Preparing for Budyi Girri’ which I completed and recommended to you all some time ago.  

The presenter made the point that RMIT is ‘leading the way’ in terms of providing such training to its employees – moreso than any other university – which was reflected in this session being one of several being offered to university staff over the coming months.  

There are a number of sessions on offer to staff over the coming months, so please click on the following link and register your interest today!https://rmitportal.pageuppeople.com/learning/458/timeslot/214733

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