A wonderful week

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Trish and Travis captivate the Year 11 students, with Learning Mentors waiting in the wings

On Thursday our Urban School team welcomed both new and returning students with a terrific orientation. Trish and Damian ran well-prepared sessions for the Year 11 and 12 students respectively. Many staff contributed to the success of the day and my thanks to you all. It was great to see b.108 level 5 filled with students again and exciting to see them clutching their pile of new textbooks made available thanks to the library.

Year 12 student, Grant Mildwater gives our new students the ‘real’ story

Especially good to know the Learning Mentors had time with their groups. It’s great to see this pilot kick off to support our Year 11 students. All Year 11 students have been allocated to small group, led by our own wonderful staff in the new role of Learning Mentor. Trish is overseeing the program and I’m sure after the positive start yesterday the program will be very successful. We look forward to hearing more over the coming weeks.

Earlier in the week the Urban School and MTP staff joined forces with the dynamic crew from FYA and MTP students in a full-day workshop to think about learning, global citizenship and what the Urban School of the future might look like. We talked, drew, reflected, debated and constructed in a series of design thinking exercises. Thembi and Sarah (from FYA) did a terrific job facilitating the day. An exciting beginning to this partnership.

Liz and Mel from FYA deeply engaged Photography by Gordon

On Wednesday Bundoora staff filled the meeting room to capacity to hear from the Integrity Team about L&T-related policy and processes from academic integrity to appeals. The volume of work the team deals with each year was staggering e.g., 23,000 individual adjustments to assessment. The team, led by Murray Alessandrini, was extremely generous with their time as we had many questions and challenges. It was terrific to hear the level of support provided and the team’s opennesses to work with us to maintain high academic standards. Many thanks to Jayne for organising this session.

Mel Nash and Shona followed with a great session on PX policy and processes. Another very useful, engaging session even that will ensure greater consistency and quality across the 3500 placements we run every year.

Our next session will look at Safer Community, Counselling, Equitable Learning Services and PRIME.

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