A week of launches

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Two great launches this week, profiling SoEd researchers:

On Tuesday afternoon the RMIT University Health Network was launched in the Green Brain. The network brings together the social sciences, humanities, design, creative arts, health, medicine and science and technology. It aims to ignite creative connections and collaborations among members.

The launch included an inspiring line-up of speakers including Felicity Callard (University of London), Indigo Daya (Victorian Mental Illness Awareness Council), Stacy Holman Jones (Monash University) and Anne M. Harris (SoEd, RMIT University). The event covered interdisciplinary approaches to mental health research, lived experiences and Anne and Stacy gave a wonderful performance exploring creative arts-based approaches to mental health research.

On Wednesday the Narratives of Digital Resilience project, led by Tricia McLaughlin was launch at P&Ms by Radio National Life Matters host, Hilary Harper. This multidisciplinary project, funded by the Department of Premier and Cabinet, with industry partner, Safe Steps involved collaborators from Monash University, SEH and CoB. Tricia, Anne and Belinda Kennedy provided strong leadership from SoEd.

A great project with some terrific video resources. Congratulations to all staff and students involved. If you’d like copies of the report and/or videos, please contact Belinda belinda.kennedy@rmit.edu.au.

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