A very Gonski Town Hall – Through Growth to Achievement: Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools 2018 [Gonski 2.0]

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The 1300 Club and the SoE co-hosted a very Gonski Town Hall at the city campus last week. The catered event provided the opportunity for an interactive and engaging 60 minute discussion around the recently released Gonski Report 2.0.

The report, and its recommendations, has significant implications for the way schooling and by consequence how tertiary education may be offered in Australia into the future. DVCE Belinda Tynan, in her welcome and endorsement of the 1300 club event, summed up the potential enactment of the report by noting how tertiary education must change to accommodate changes in senior secondary schooling, assessment and tertiary intake:

“The implications for tertiary education and RMIT are significant – what will our future cohorts expect and will we be able to meet those expectations in learning and teaching arenas?”

The flow-on effects to universities and educational institutions was a hot topic of discussion amongst participants, as they formed smaller “standing” groups to debate and discuss the report in detail.

The group responses will form part of a formal response, which will be offered to the university by the SoE and the 1300 club.

Judging by the discussions, which could have easily continued into the evening, the report will continue to arouse strong responses and opinions.


The success of the event was also notable for the follow-up requests to present again specifically to VCE staff and VE staff – an exciting opportunity for further input from staff who were unable to be present.

Congratulations to the organisers and presenters on the night: Matt Sinclair; Heather Fehring; Elise Hunkin; Jeff Brooks; Tricia McLaughlin and Shane Duggan ( in absentia) for their efforts in what was an engaging and highly successful event.

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