A new SoEd study: Connectedness to nature and teacher recycling

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Dr. William Smith and Professor Annette Gough from the School of Education are collaborating with statistician Dr. Alice Johnstone from the School of Science, in a new study at a large P-12 school in Melbourne; “The influence of students on teachers’ attitudes and behaviours to recycling and connection to nature.” As part of their learning program some primary school students are making posters and artefacts from co-mingle recyclable materials to promote recycling practices amongst staff. The research involves a pre-survey of the 187 staff  to determine their attitudes and behaviours to recycling and connection to nature. After the students have completed their learning program, a post-survey of the staff will review teacher responses to the student recycling program to better understand the teachers’ recycling attitudes and behaviours, and connectedness to nature in schools. The study will draw on new materialism as a theoretical lens for investigating relationships between connectedness to nature and staff recycling attitudes and behaviours.

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