A busy time

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I’ve heard positive reports that our VCE and VE programs started the year successfully. Thanks to all staff who contributed to this smooth start. I know the VE enrolment process takes considerable work and I appreciate your efforts to provide a good orientation experience. It’s been great to see the new space in b.108 in action. I look forward to a proper shindig soon to celebrate our move.

Canvas action is continuing across the school. Well done to GC044 (Careers) and GD108 (EC) whose courses are all done. I know there are plans in place for other courses, with a few still in development. If you need extra support let Thembi and Emma know.

My thanks to you all for the work you have done to get the year rolling. I look forward to our first Townhall to share some of the news for the year. More details to come…

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