2019 focus for RMIT – a great fit for SoEd

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A brief follow up to Martin’s email yesterday on 2019 strategic directions. As outlined in the VC’s email the five areas of focus for 2019 are:

  • Students – creating great learning experiences
  • Global – deepening our Asian connections
  • People – a future ready workforce and values-led culture
  • Industry – realising our competitive advantage
  • Service culture – lifting the quality of services for students and staff

In the SoEd we are already doing good work in each of these core areas; the ongoing focus in 2019 makes sense. I’m pleased to have the opportunity to consolidate our strengths and continue ourattention on learning, our global connections, staff, partnerships and the service model across the school.

Of particular note as we move into next year is the increased attention to connections between all five areas – the red thread – running between the work we all do, connecting us to colleagues across the University and linking to our unified strategic goals. Having rediscovered knitting this year, I’m keen to see where the red thread connections might lead us!

I will be working closely with the Senior Leadership Group in the school to fill in more details over the coming weeks. We look forward to working with you to shape our priorities for 2019.

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